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  • Which services is RODO Development able to provide?
    Design, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling, home remodeling services, outdoor living space remodeling, full house renovations, and the construction of ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and Junior ADUs are just a few of the remodeling and development services offered by RODO Development.
  • What kind of work does RODO Development mostly focus on?
    Residential and commercial developments are the areas of expertise for RODO Development. We have a great deal of expertise in remodeling houses, whether it be a single room or the entire house. Additionally, we have the tools necessary to do commercial remodeling jobs with the same degree of proficiency and care.
  • Can RODO Development manage projects for both homes and businesses?
    Yes, we are equipped to manage both domestic and professional jobs. Our staff has expertise in completing projects of all sizes and types with excellent outcomes.
  • What services are provided for renovating bathrooms?
    Our bathroom remodels services range from minor adjustments to total reconstruction. To build a stunning and useful bathroom, we can help with design, fixture replacement, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, and any other required activities.
  • Do you provide services for kitchen remodeling?
    Yes, we provide full-service kitchen renovations. We can handle everything from design and planning to the installation of new appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and more, whether you need a small update or a total kitchen makeover.
  • What does full Home addition entail?
    A full home renovation involves renovating multiple areas or rooms within a home. It can include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring replacement, electrical and plumbing updates, Interior and Exterior Remodeling, and any other necessary improvements to create a cohesive and updated living space.
  • Is House and room expansions something RODO Development can help with?
    Absolutely. Designing and building house and room extensions is something our team has done before. We can help with every step of the way, whether you want to increase the size of your living space, add a new bedroom or bathroom, or designate a specific workstation.
  • What services do you provide for backyard renovation and outdoor living?
    To improve your outside area, we provide various outdoor living and backyard renovation options. The creation of patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, landscaping, irrigation systems, and other structures falls under this category.
  • Are services for deck and patio remodeling offered?
    Yes, we provide renovation services for patios and decks. We can assist in creating a practical and beautiful outside environment, whether you want to remodel, enlarge, or repair your current patio or deck.
  • What is an ADU, and may RODO Development assist in building one?
    The term "accessory dwelling unit," or "ADU," refers to a second dwelling that shares a property with a principal house. RODO Development has experience creating ADUs and can help with the planning and construction of these extra living areas to suit your particular requirements.
  • What exactly is Junior ADU, and how might RODO Development help?
    An existing single-family home may have a junior ADU, which is a smaller living space. The kitchenette, bathroom, and entryway are normally all separate. Junior ADUs may be built or renovated with assistance from RODO Development to provide separate living quarters inside your house.
  • What distinguishes RODO Development from other renovation businesses?
    At RODO Development, we take great pleasure in our keen attention to detail, high standard of work, and commitment to customer happiness. With the help of our design-build strategy, architects, engineers, and designers can work together seamlessly to create stunning structures that are also practical. We aim to provide each customer with high-end craftsmanship, outstanding communication, and a stress-free renovation experience thanks to our considerable construction experience and project management expertise.
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